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Uranya (2006) Sub Indo

Genre: Comedy
Quality: Year: Duration: 100 MinView: 72 views
6 votes, average 6.0 out of 10

Summer 1969. Dictatorship. In a small country town, young Achileas breaks his leg by falling off the yard wall of the local cinema. He wanted to see Brigit Bardot naked… However, during his visit to the city to treat his broken leg, for the first time in his life he sees a television! The program informs about the launching of Apollo to the moon. The idea of the launching becomes Achileas’ obsession and along with his friends they collect money, in order to purchase a TV set. However, soon, the dilemma becomes imperative. Will they buy a television or “visit” all together Uranya in order to be taught the secrets of love?

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Language: ελληνικά

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